09 December 2012

Look at that face. . .

I have decided to embrace the inevitable and become a cat lady.

"Kitty. . . "
 Not an old one.  And not surrounded by too many, because that smells.  One is enough.  Maybe two.  And definitely hypoallergenic varieties or my dad will never come see me again, which would be sad because I love my dad.

"Rich kitty...?"
 (Dad, you'll know I'm mad at you if I ever get a non-hypoallergenic cat.  These lovely Balinese beauties are perfect for you.  Promise.)

"Hello!. . . Fluffy. . . "
 And, for the record, I would not be adverse to becoming a cat lady with a cat mister, but you can't buy them for a few hundred dollars.

"Kitty, kitty, kitty. . ."
 (At least not the breeds that clean up after their own poop.)

HOW could you resist that face?!!
. . . only I can't get one of them yet.  Not until I have my own place.  So I am feeding the cat hungry part of my soul by looking at pictures and it is. not. helping.  In the mean time, if you happen to come across any Balinese cat breeders looking to divest themselves of an adorable kitten in about two summers, then think to yourself "Self?  I know the perfect owner!" and give me a call.  Or a text.  Or a smoke signal.  


Heidi said...

Congratulations on your wise decision! ;) We have three cats (used to be four, but one died in November) and they are just delightful little friends. If you scoop their litter regularly, there is no reason your house should smell--I speak from years of experience. I hope you find your kitty soon!

elliespen said...

Love the movie quote references. :) Well played.