03 March 2010

Fire Rabbit

The olympics were a big deal in my apartment, and figure skating held the most weight. Not because it's the sport that we like most (though it is definitely my favorite), but because the biggest star this year was a Korean, and I'm living with a Korean. Never underestimate the power of honor and winning one for the team in Asian culture, or at least this Asian's culture, apparently. Our friend made us a traditional dinner and flew her flag and waited like a father outside a delivery room for the Queen of ice skating to take to the rink.

At dinner on the night of this event, we got to talking about the zodiac calendar, and, naturally, all had to look up what we are more specifically.

I was born in the year of the rabbit. Fire rabbit, to be more specific. According to the zodiac, rabbits are creative, compassionate, sensitive, friendly, outgoing, and are decidedly non confrontational. We are supposed to be serene and good at hiding our feelings, and not big risk takers.

There are more specific things you can read about for relationships and health and career and what not, but that's the gist of what most websites will tell you.

I usually kind of roll my eyes at this sort of thing. How is it seriously possible that everyone born in the year of the (insert animal here) will demonstrate those personality traits? Of course it's not possible. Nor do people who do have those traits demonstrate them conclusively or all the time. Humans are more complicated than that.

But I did laugh a bit at how well I feel this describes me. Outgoing but anti social. Creative but lacking in self confidence. Good at hiding true feelings but very expressive. No wonder it's so hard for people to understand me sometimes - I am ridiculously polarized.

(In other news, Newsweek is reporting that 55% of males 18-24 are currently living at home with their parents. No wonder men tell me I'm intimidating. They have no reason to get a backbone if their mother is still paying for their groceries and washing their socks. If that's what I have to look forward to in a marriage, forget it!)