07 November 2012

Gloom, Doom and Destruction

My Facebook feed exploded this morning.

I'm sure yours did as well.  If you're like me, it was rather entertaining to watch.  Declarations of the end of the world, the end of justice, the beginning of an era led by the anti-Christ. . . it's all pretty bleak looking.

And, in all honesty, as a moderate who voted conservative, I had a healthy bit of my own disappointment this morning as well.  My guy lost.  The guy I didn't agree with so much won.  I have some concerns (debt, foreign policy, health care, education, taxes) that I'm more than a little wary about.  There are some moral differences between the President and myself that concern me as well.  But I think there is a difference between productive disagreement and non-productive bitching.

For example:

A number of people started posting scriptural references and quotes from prophets as a means of proving what seemed to me a rather foreboding, taunting, occasionally arrogant point.  It reminds me of Dave Barry's article "How to Win Arguments".  He talks about how the one argument that no one can argue with is if you say "that sounds like something Hitler would say!"  People are using scripture in the same way - as a means to both open and close the argument without possible opposing points of view - because you can't argue with God.

Let me be clear: I fully respect and support and encourage everyone in any time of discouragement or concern no matter how big or small to turn to their religious leaders for guidance and courage.  It is a very valid and good thing to do.  I do not, however, support turning scriptures into a weapon used to preach gloom, doom and destruction.  Particularly when, at least as far as the leaders of my church have been involved, the response to this election has been one that encourages good will and moving forward with faith.  And as far as I know, the only people in the world who have the right to preach destruction of the world are the living prophets and apostles.  If Noah wants to tell everyone they're going to drown in a flood if they don't get on the ship, more power to him.  I'll pack my bags.  But I am not qualified or authorized to do the same as Noah.

No.  It is our job as Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, whatever - to encourage and lift others.  Especially now.  It does us no good to turn our religious beliefs into a threat or a source of contention.

(And - just saying - but the number of people I've seen/heard of "defriending" each other because of political discussion is laughable.  This country was founded on political debate.  If you can't handle it, then don't dish it out.  And know that I laugh at you a little when you go off in a huff because someone disagrees with you.  If we don't disagree once in a while, how will we learn?  And if you're like me and actually enjoy the chance to hash out the issues, let's not let this be the end, shall we?)


A. B. said...

I haven't gotten on facebook since the election for that very reason. Great thoughts as usual :)

elliespen said...

Absolutely. My guy lost, too, but I'm still not sure if the sore winners or sore losers annoyed me the most. (Actually, I do know which individual post in particular offended me the most, and it was a sore-winner one, but overall the race of annoyance was just about as close as the race in Florida.)

I do think that the results, from my viewpoint, fall into the camp of "You know what the definition of insanity is, don't you? Doing the same thing over and over again thinking that it will produce different results." Four more years of the same isn't going to fix it. BUT. Obama is not the Antichrist. I think that saying he will single-handedly be responsible for not only the downfall of America but also the destruction of the world is giving him (or anyone, really) way too much credit. Same thing goes with Romney. Neither candidate was either the promised Messiah or the Antichrist, and undiluted bitching or gloating isn't really going to help anything at this stage.

*rant over* Thanks. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Joni said...

Amanda - You chose well!

Elliespen - We all need to. I chose to do it on my blog instead of Facebook, which seems rather more appropriate, don't you think? You're welcome to vent here too!