07 April 2011

Oh, the frailties of (looking like a) youth. . .

One of my earliest memories from my childhood was the very keen feeling of absolute frustration whenever anyone treated me like a child. To me, it always felt as though they thought me incompetent or insignificant or silly; but my ideas and realities were so real to me that I didn't understand why anyone would treat them without respect.

I think this is where some of my bossiness came from. Not so much now that I'm older, but I remember being quite forceful with my opinions when I was younger - mostly, I think, out of a desire to prove myself as worthy. I thought if I came across as smart then people would take me seriously.

Fortunately, I've more or less grown out of the bossy side. I won't deny that my opinionated personality probably comes off as being a bit brash or harsh to those who aren't used to me, but I've learned to control it and temper it better as I've learned to read people more. Even so, I still have a huge amount of trouble keeping my frustration under wraps when people treat me like a child.

For example, today I was teased about graduating from high school last week. (Har har.)

A few weeks ago the high counselor for my ward spoke about how much he loves the youth of the church. (I'm sorry - I'm a college grad, working full time, living entirely on my own income about 1000 miles from my parents. I'm not a youth.)

I had a conversation with a boy a while ago in which the phrase: "What? I thought you were 19!" was uttered. (Seriously? Do I not date much because I look approximately five years younger than I am, which means men who should be in my dating pool don't ask me out because they think I'm barely legal?!)

I recognize that there will come a time in my life when I enjoy looking younger than I am. I look forward to that day. At the moment it's just frustrating.

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ramsam said...

When people mistakingly guess my age I usually want to kiss them.
You will too, someday!