07 February 2011

The "Good Parts" Version

I had a conversation recently with a fellow teacher who had the following conversation with a parent:

Parent: You studied human sacrifice in class?

Teacher: No, we studied the Aztec civilization. I mentioned human sacrifice but did not go into detail about how or when, nor did we do any demonstrations in class. It was brief. No pictures - just a mention.

Parent: I can't believe you would do that with my child in your class! Our family does not approve of any form of violence.

Teacher: . . . so. . . what do you do about The Book of Mormon? What about the scene where Nephi kills Laban? Ammon?

Parent: (Matter-of-factly) - Oh, we take those parts out.

Umm. . . excuse me?! Since when was it acceptable to censor The Book of Mormon?! Is it even possible to censor The Book of Mormon? Do they only read part of 3rd Nephi and the half of chapter one in 4th Nephi? And how the heck do they handle the Bible?

Remember when I told you that my school is full of crazy strange conservative people? I don't understand this mentality. I just don't. They do realize that if they wanted to live in a glass house free of any danger or sin or scary things at all that they did have that option, yes? And that our Father in Heaven, in his infinite wisdom, said "No. You need to live in an environment where there is light and dark?" Come now.

In other news - two of my classes will be reading The Giver in the next few months. I am very curious to see how that works out. . .


A. Bailey said...

Wow. That is all I have to say. Ok. I have more to say. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!! Even Jesus got a little violent in the temple at Jerusalem when he kicked out all the money changers! I have NEVER heard of anything like this. I am definitely going to tell my husband. I did get a good laugh out of it though until I realized how sad it is...

Heidi said...

TERRIFYING. I'm so sorry. Maybe yours will be an influence for good!

ramsam said...

I did not know you had a blog! You have been holding out on me, girlie!!! Gorgeous photos- cant' wait to catch up!

ramsam said...

These people need to move to The Village...we all know how that turns out.