17 December 2008

Things that Make me go *headdesk*

  1. Parents who give their children names like Adolf Hitler for the sake of being unique (and then get confused when it makes people wonder)
  2. The media being so utterly predictable when they pick President Elect Obama as the Person of the Year.  I don't doubt that he deserves it - it was certainly an historic election.  But. . . really?  He hasn't even really done anything yet . . . 
  3. 7:00 A.M. shifts at work.  Ever.  But especially during finals week. 
  4. The media figuring out that communication in relationships makes a difference.
  5. Some of the ways that people manage to make money for charity.
  6. Students at BYU who are so sheltered they call the police when they see men with moustaches. . . and then find out that they are construction workers who are supposed to be where they are.  Or really. . . anything in BYU's Police Beat (the sheltered lives some people lead!)
  7. The best show on television being cancelled - though the commentary on the cancellation is pretty fantastic.
  8. Some of the things that made it through production.
  9. Other things that made it through production. 
  10. And just. . . what?!


Marisa VanSkiver said...

AMEN! Especially on canceling poor "Pushing Daisies." Though good news, supposedly they've reworked it so it's not a cliff-hanger. Slight yay?

Joni said...

I suppose. But it still makes me want to beat heads against walls. Bloody freaking morons. I hate ABC.

Autumn said...

Wow, number 1.

I second that.

Rachel EM said...

Okay okay okay... Nimoy! You told me about this but I had no idea it was that good. W-O-W. And I didn't think Russian singer guy could be any weirder than seeing him perform that live with the dementor looking violinists, but the gills and nude-accordian playing beat it out. Yowzuh.