29 July 2008

Introducing Pluckie, the Undead Vampire Chicken

This is a conversation I have had with several of my female friends in the last few days:

Me: "So, what are you doing Saturday morning? I don't have to be at the theater until around noon, so I think we should - "

Female Friend: (said with rather wide, ravenous eyes) BREAKING DAWN! BREAKING DAWN!

Me: "Oh, right. I forgot that the book was coming out this weekend. Thank heaven I no longer work at Barns and Noble - I will work for Harry Potter book releases but I would never want to spend several hours catering to a bunch of -"

Female Friend (now entering some kind of trance): BREAKING DAWN! BREAKING DAWN!!! IMHOTEP! BREAKING DAWN. . . (and it goes on while they slowly turn into dazed vampire/werewolf obsessed zombies. Eventually I leave).

I say this in jest, of course, since many of my female friends who will be spending their Friday night paying homage to their fandom are some of my favorite people. I love them. I respect their need to pay homage to fandoms, as I have done it many times over in this blog and elsewhere for the Potter-verse.

That being said, when I came across this parody/accurate prediction (UPDATE: Part II is now online) of what is likely to happen in the next book, I nearly spilled my guts out on the floor from laughing. Absolute brilliance, my friends. I don't know what is better, the descriptions of the "chapters" or the several comments from tweenagers who are confused about whether or not the guy is being serious.

So to my female friends - enjoy your love fest this weekend. I will be having a love fest of a different kind. Bring on a re-read of Sense and Sensibility or North and South - I'd take a Col Brandon, and Edward Ferras (not all Edwards are created equal, you know - this one can't read minds or there would be no plot) and a John Thornton any day. Much more interesting conversationalists, I think.


robryan said...

Maybe I'll borrow your North and South and finally watch it.

robryan said...

p.s. the farce blog is hillarious.

Marisa VanSkiver said...

That parody was great! Oh my gosh, I'm with you on the whole insanity of this weekend. I wanted to hang out w/some friends, but we have to cut our night short because of "Breaking Dawn" . . . stupid books.

Evelyn said...

You were so stinkin' right. that parody was fantastic!!

Rachel EM said...

I deserve this post more than anyone, I'm sure. ...heck, I even refused to read the parody because I didn't want to poison BREAKING DAWN BREAKING DAWN BREAKING DAWN (excuse the salivation, please.)

Bless you for just rolling your eyes and not gagging TOO openly in my presence when I start hyperventilating. Sorry if you're left with nothing to do Saturday morning. Enjoy your better conversationalists. Which sounds familiar:

"It would be better if conversation, (and not breaking dawn) were the order of the day."

"Better for conversation, but rather less like a ball."

hahahhahhaa. sorry.

Whit said...

Joni, I followed your lead and started my own blog!!!!