12 April 2008

Re: The weather

Dear Mother Nature,

I would appreciate it if you would make up your mind on all the weather we have been having lately in Happy Valley. These ups and downs in temperature are doing murder to my skin.

Oh, and I would really like to drive home in my new car with the sun roof open, so don't make any sudden changes to the schedule in the next 24 hours, ok? Ok.

~Unfortunate Lilymaid


The Nielsen Family said...

Hello Joni!! So I was just looking at your parent's blog, when I saw the link to your blog. You sound as darling as you always have been. How's happy valley treating you? BTW, you mentioned My Name Is Asher Lev in your post below. That is my all time favorite book. Just a little info about me. Good to read up on you a little bit.


Karin said...

Sounds like Iowa weather to me! Hey, when are you coming home this summer? We're moving to Idaho next month. Maybe you'll come to Iowa before we leave??? Anyway, hope you're doing great. Good luck with finals!