20 February 2007

All things bright and beautiful...

I had the opportunity to be in sunny St. George over the weekend. It was so nice to be away from school and regenerate a bit. I think I'm like Superman-occasionally I can take power from the sun. (Fortunately I still love rain). But the warm weather was welcome.

I went down with all of my roommates and yesterday we went to Zion National Park to go on a hike before we went home. It was absolutely incredible. I'd never gone before-I thought it was just some park that you drive through and go home, I didn't know hikes were involved. But we hiked Emerald Pools. It's one of the easier hikes but I enjoyed it. My roommates blazed ahead of me and I ended up about twenty minutes behind them (not because I can't hike, but because I'm picture obsessed). I'm glad I stayed behind-partly because it gave me a chance to practise my photography skills again, and partly because taking the hike slowly on an empty trail allowed me to really enjoy God's creations. It's incredible. It's beyond incredible all that God has made. I took pictures of acorns on trees and logs that had twisted and fallen and leaves and waterfalls and mountains of a hundred different colors and textures. We're lucky here in Utah to live so close to the mountains-I've seen other places where the majesty of God's work is less "in your face", but the mountains are hard to ignore.

Enjoy the pictures...(since I figure out how to add them. Yes. I know it's obvious), and slow down and just enjoy the day.

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Liz Muir said...

Yeah, I hate it when people rush through the hike just to get done with it. Quite irritating. The point of hiking is to be in nature, not to pass through it. I am v. jealous of your St. George trip. See you in class today.

And Patrick Stewart is still sexy.