26 September 2006

This is being edited to say...

Ok. So my major book-movie translation watching guide has a flaw. One of my roommates pointed out something to me. She said that her perception of how she sees books when she re-reads them after seeing the movie they are based on changes. I'm either not bothered by this or my imagination is strong enough not to be changed, so this is just to say that yes, movies can change how you see things. And that, I suppose is the downside. But if you don't want your perception changed, then don't see the movie.

I'm going to take a small moment while I'm here to rant on grammar. I spent about 50 minutes of a 2 hour class today listening to a professor teach half of the class (the freshman academy part) what a noun is, and what a verb is and...Bleh. What a bloody waste of time. I know-everyone has to start somewhere. But shouldn't they have started a long time ago? Good gravy. One girl asked if the professor wanted us to use the word 'whom' in our papers. *headdesk*. You shouldn't toss words around in a paper because they make you sound smart. You should use words because they are either the correct word grammatically, or because that particular word describes what you want to describe in the best way.

That being said, I'm sure I'll get lots of nasty comments on my grammar. I know it isn't perfect! But this is a place for creative discussion, right? So I'll excuse myself and point out that at least I know how to use 'you/your/you're' and 'their/there/they're' etc. Give me some credit.

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